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about usMulti-Care Holistic Health Center is a multi-specialty clinic located in Conyers, Georgia that combines the best of natural and traditional healthcare. Where traditional medicine focuses on identifying and treating disease through medications and surgery, we focus on finding the reasons why your body isn’t working properly. The holistic approach to healthcare digs deeper than traditional medicine to determine the cause of your health problem as opposed to simply medicating the symptom.

We use a combination of time-tested techniques that will assist your body in healing and eliminating the harmful influences that are causing non-optimum function in your body, which can ultimately lead to disease. These include:

So our main focus is to help you get healthier. Medications may be necessary for some patients, but medications can be reduced, and in some cases eliminated when you correct those imbalances that lead to the disease in the first place.

We help patients with the easiest cases to the most difficult. We have success stories from hundreds of patients who were told “nothing can be done” or “you’ll just have to learn to live with it.” We’ve had patients stop taking medications that their doctors told them they would have to take for the rest of their life. Whether your health problem is a simple one or a difficult one, our unique approaches are so powerful that many patients have told us they could feel improvement within days. Even if you’ve tried traditional medicine or alternative medicine with no success, don’t lose hope. We can help.

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