Get rid of chronic headaches without drugs!

Every day people just like you suffer from chronic headaches, and have a difficult time leading an ordinary life because of them. Things like work, hobbies, and personal relationships suffer because of them, and the only solution your doctor offers you to do is take aspirin or other drugs to make them go away. But even though there are a wide variety of analgesics that assist in headache relief, these methods only provide relief from the symptoms of headaches, they don’t treat the underlying issues that are causing them. Here at Multi-Care Health we believe we can address those issues effectively, and eliminate the need for daily headache medications. There are a variety of reasons you get headaches, and they can be both psychological as well as neurological. Chiropractic studies have shown that if the area around the head and neck isn’t properly adjusted, it can lead to chronic headache pain. There are various holistic techniques we can use to determine if this is the problem, and if it is, provide complete relief without the use of drugs.

At your initial examination, you will be asked to provide you medical history, including any previous injuries you’ve had that might relate to what is causing your headaches, then determine from that point if any lab testing for food or environmental allergies needs to be done. After these results we will know if you need adjustments, modalities, holistic medicines or a change of diet.

We will also advise you on how food can cause chronic headaches, and provide you with lifestyle counseling to illustrate what personal issues may be causing your headaches, and show you how changing them can eliminate your pain. All this comprehensive information is provided in order to help you get rid of your headaches, so you can return to living a normal, headache-free life.

Over the counter drugs only relieve current headache pain. But the holistic treatment methods used by Multi-Care Health will heal your entire body, and help prevent your headaches from recurring in the future. Let us show you the way to a pain free life, without the need for any medications!