Weight*Hypertension*High Cholesterol*Reflux

Hello I am 47 years old and was feeling 70, I had a hysterectomy and doctors were giving me Estrogen, it made me feel worse and I gained about 50 lbs. I got a flyer in the mail from Multi-Care and decided to check it out and came for a free seminar. That was a year ago and I feel 100% better. I have lost approximately 35 lbs., take less blood pressure medicine and my cholesterol was too high to calculate and I couldn’t take the meds because they made me feel bad and hurt all over. My cholesterol is now at a good level. I was also taking the “purple pill” for acid reflux and stopped taking it all together 3 months ago. My stress level is under control as well which is amazing considering my son got into trouble and my mother has Alzheimer’s. Multi-Care Holistic Health Center has been so wonderful for me I can’t say enough. They have taught me how to eat that will stick with me and when I finish losing weight, I will never have to be on a diet again. I owe my well being to God, Doctors Johnson and Williams and their staff. I will be eternally grateful.


Charlotte West