In 2012 my weight was on a continuous increase. I was a miserable 172 lbs and wearing a size 14. I was 50 Yrs old, in menopause; my weight was on a continuous increase.  I was fatigued; I was dealing with a pain in my left side that interrupted my sleeping. Neither my primary care physician nor my neurologist could figure it out.”

I wanted to work out but after work all I wanted to do was go to bed. I was not able to sleep well because of a constant pain on my right side. I thought that my pain was due to Multiple Sclerosis (diagnosed 2005).My neurologist said that my pain was not from MS.

Seeing is believing, I saw a friend at a Dinner, I noticed that she had lost a considerable amount of weight and she looked amazing. I asked her how did she do it, she text me the number for Multi-Care Health Center.

At my first opportunity I walked in to the Center and told them that I wanted to lose weight. I also requested help with the pain in my side that neither my Primary Care Physician nor my Neurologist was able to diagnose.

I signed on at my first visit. I started the Anti-Inflammatory Diet (Out with the Bad in with the Good).

In August I started the program and in 8 weeks I had reached my goal. I have maintained my weight loss because I have been educated. I learned why I should eat breakfast and I eat 3 Meals a day and healthy snacks. When I satisfy my craving by cheating I don’t feel bad. I just get back on track.

Multi-Care Health Center Changed my Life. In 2 weeks I felt wonderful. Sleep was so sweet, my energy level was up. I feel better than I did when I was 25 yrs old. I am now 51

I am now wearing a Size 6 Dress and Skirts, Size 6 Pants, Size 6/8 Jeans.