My name is Debra Amerson, and I am a mother of five children.  Last year, on my annual doctor’s visit I encountered some bad news;  I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, arthritis, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), mitral valve prolapsed, and I was at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. All of this was worsened by the fact that I am 5’ 1” and weigh 251 pounds.

I decided to go to Multi-Care Holistic Health Center because I knew I had to make some changes.

Since I have become a patient at Multi-Care, I have not only lost a significant amount of weight in a very short time.  My program has consisted of vitamins, supplements, therapy for my pain and unique diet plan(s).

Now, I no longer have to take the medications that I was initially prescribed by my physicians, and I no longer have the palpitations and issues with my heart that I had experienced in the past.  I am also sleeping better for the first time in years, I have tons of energy, and I am on the road to my weight loss goal!

I continue to drop pounds every week, and this was something that I hadn’t been able to do in the past 20 years (even with prior surgery).

Dr Johnson and the caring, professional staff at Multi-Care has made all this possible.  I thank and praise God for placing them in my path.  I have already recommended the clinic to many of my friends and family (who all wanted to know my secret!)

I am a walking testimony of what Multi-Care Holistic Health Center can do for you.

Debra Amerson

Stockbridge, GA