Migraine Headaches-Sleep Deprivation

When we first started, I was skeptical. I had been suffering with daily headaches, some migraine level for 2 years. I also was not sleeping. I couldn’t remember the last time I had slept all night. I had been taking over the counter sleep aides and doctor prescribed sleep aides. Still, I wasn’t sleeping. I was always tired and not feeling good.

I have never had a weight problem, so I didn’t think that this medical program would do anything for me. My husband wanted to try it so I went along.

I have to say I have been sleeping better, no more headaches and we are working on getting my energy level up, but now I do have hope, and KNOW that this really works. My husband said that even if it only gets rid of my headaches, it’s worth the time and effort and cost that we are putting into the program. It has worked for me and I am so very thankful.


Thanks Multi-Care

D. B.