High Cholesterol*Weight

Gloria Giddens 2I was sick and tired of all the diet plans and not having any success. One of my co-workers was getting married and wanted to lose weight so he’d be “buff” for his wedding. One day he came in with some food he received from a diet he was placed on. I watched his amazing progress and was impressed at his success—right before my very eyes! I asked him where he went (knowing it was a doctor’s office) and if they were taking new patients. He told me the clinic was called Multi-Care, so I called them and made an appointment for the beginning of December.

I had about 50 pounds to lose to be at my “ideal” weight, my cholesterol was skyrocketing, and I was depressed about it all. I couldn’t sleep either! My cholesterol was 267 when I began in December. I was on a statin medication from my PCP and it didn’t seem to be lowering my cholesterol as much as we both wanted it to.
Now, my cholesterol is down to 176 (almost 100 points!!) and I feel great! My nights are more restful, I don’t stress out over the least little thing and my husband is much happier because I’m easier to be around!

I’ve lost 25 pounds so far and still dropping! That’s half my goal weight in 3 months! I feel like I can keep the weight off and my cholesterol down now with the new eating plan I’ve learned. Knowing how my body reacts to certain foods was very helpful in developing my new eating habits. I’m excited and very pumped about my progress! I have people ask me all the time what I’m doing and I gladly tell them to call Multi-Care and give them Dr Johnson’s office number!!

Thank you Dr Johnson and Staff!


Gloria Giddens