Hello!  I am Heather Deneen Dash Conley, and I have always been a celebrity. At least I always felt like it on the Inside. However, the image that I was portraying to the world was not an accurate reflection of this internal feeling.  Imagine the conflict this causes.  On the one hand I wanted to be a bright shiny star, visible by everyone.  But on the other hand I never wanted to stand too far out there, because fat people are an easy target.  SInce you wear your vulnerability for everyone to see, you always had to be alert as to who might say something cruel to you.  So I never allowed myself to fully shine.

I understood myself as overweight by the age of 8 when the school nurse commented to me that I was “a little larger” than the other girls. Since then my life has been dominated by wondering why my body did not look the other girls.  Why could they eat everything they saw and not gain a pound, while all I had to do was look at a something unhealthy and I would drain three pounds.  By the time I was 18 years old I was 280 pounds and despite some momentary loses, that was about my average weight for the next 20 years.  That is until I discovered Multicare Health.

I will never forget the first day I came (photo in green shirt and jeans).  Everyone who worked there talked to me about their own journey to health and wellness.  Everyone explained to me similar stores, and how the knowledge given them by Multicare changed their lives forever. I was still skeptical though.  And I did not hesitate to let everyone – from Rebecca to Dr. Johnson, to Carrie-  that I thought what they were feeding me was too good to be true.  I mean come on, you’re telling me that my ability to lose weight is not my fault?  That my body could be fixed to function like “regular” sized people? After all, I had been told by everyone in my life from family, friends, and medical professionals, that I simply needed to eat better and exercise.  How could the current state of my body NOT be my fault?  Dr. Johnson told me to just give them a chance and they would prove to me everything they said.  So I did.

In late June, at 267 pounds, I started on my journey with Multicare.  I did one round of HCG, then the two week medical fast, and another found of HcG.  By the time I started back to school in the fall I was down to 228 pounds.  I could not believe it.  The smallest I could ever remember myself being in my adult life was 238 pounds, and here I was 10 pounds less than that. I also discovered a variety of things going on with my body that was keeping it from burning fat properly.  I had a problem with my thyroid, my adrenal glands, and discovered I was allergic to a whole host of foods.  To demonstrate how much knowledge is power–especially with regards to weight loss- I could out a lot of the foods I was allergic to, were ones I was eating in the past to try and lose weight.  Since I was unaware of my food allergies, some of the foods I was eating was actually causing inflammation in my body!

In October I started training for a body building competition and have since dropped another 10 pounds.  On any given day I am between 211-217 pounds. I have another 30 pounds to lose before competition in September, I am so satisfied with my life I can’t even explain it.  It has also impacted my family life.  My husband has a new respect for me, and my kids burst with pride (I will never forget how happy they were they day they were able to wrap their arms all the way around me when they hugged me). Now that I feel my outside finally matches my inside, I feel like my life is finally taking off.  I never knew how much being out of touch with my body impacted every decision in my life–personal,professional, and otherwise.  Now that I have a better understanding of the vessel in which I live and breathe, I am more in tune with my life outside of that vessel.

I’m not going to say the journey has been easy.  There have been many ups and downs.  But they key was, I ALWAYS got back up.  The result: in less than 9 months I have lost more than 50 pounds and almost as many inches off of my body. If you are skeptical I understand, I was there too.  That’ s why I decided to document my entire journey on youtube. If you visit http://www.youtube.com/The100PoundDash you can watch the journey- from my first appointment at Multicare health -up to my most recent endeavor of getting ready for the competition- and everything in between.

Fully embrace your celebrity!  I did and my life will NEVER be the same!

Heather D. Dash Conley, C.I.W.