Metabolic Syndrome and Weight

I’ve had a weight problem since my youngest child was born. No matter what diet I tried or how I tried to exercise, I was unable to lose weight and keep it off. I was hungry all the time, even if I had eaten three square meals that day. During the day I was busy with work, the children and taking care of a home but at night after all my responsibilities were taken care of I thought I was starving and would eat until I was stuffed. I used food as a comfort and a reward for being superwoman.

I developed high blood pressure and next came high cholesterol. A few years later my medical doctor advised me that my glucose levels was elevated. I was diagnosed with metabolic syndrome. I knew that I must find a way to adjust my eating habits and increase my activity level. I began to read about all sorts of programs and plans but was never able to decide which would be the best for me and the easiest to follow. After reading and studying various plans for six months, I went to the beach with girlfriends for our annual vacation over Memorial Day. Several of us talked about our overweight situations and what we have tried to improve our health. I wasn’t ready to make a decision until one day my best friend was taking me to the airport. I was changing from flip flops to comfortable walking shoes and had difficulty reaching my feet to tie my shoes. I can’t describe how humiliated I felt. I went home determined to beat my battle of the bulge.

I began to diet and count my calories. I began with 1500 calories a day and the weight came off quickly but I was still hungry all the time. I extended my daily walk to increase my weight loss.  After about a month I had lost 14 lbs. I was pleased with the results but I knew it was only temporary because I was still craving bread and sweets. I knew that I was very close to cheating and gaining it all back.

I had received several local newspapers that contained an advertisement tabloid insert from Multi-Care. I had looked it over before and even read several of the articles I was specifically interested in the article titled “Which hormones are  making you fat?” I looked at the pictures very closely and decided which body type compared to mine. There was a free workshop being offered the following Saturday. I called a friend and we decided to go to the workshop together. Dr. Johnson told us a great deal about why we struggle with weight and other health issues. I decided that I would make an appointment for the free consultation Dr. Johnson offered. I wanted to find out why I crave certain foods, why I wasn’t sleeping well and if I had a hormonal imbalance that was causing my problems and if there was a remedy short of prescription drugs.

During the free consultation, I sensed that I had found what I needed to get started to improve my health. After my initial exam, I was not pressured to sign up for the plan but was encouraged by Dr. Johnson to take a step towards restoring my health. I was eager to get started. After following the program for 5 months, a little over 50 lbs has melted away, I sleep great every night, my cholesterol level has returned to normal as has my glucose level and my medical doctor has reduced my BP medication to one-half the dosage that I had been taking for eight years. I no longer crave sweets and bread and have learned what types of food I need to eat to nourish and heal my body. I eat three very satisfying meals a day, two snacks and drink a gallon of water a day. I see Dr. Dave once a month and look forward to re-evaluations and pep talks during the visit. A few weeks ago I packed up all my clothes that no longer fit and donated them to charity. I didn’t store them just in case I needed them in the future because this time my weight loss is permanent.

Thanks Multi-Care:

Kathie Wise