Weight*Sleep Issues*Sweating*Hypertension*Bloating

While I was skeptical when I turned to this clinic, I was also desperate to start feeling better. I went to 1 of many free Saturday workshops offered to learn about the services offered. I found that without speaking to Dr. Johnson, he was ‘speaking to me’. He was able to identify many of the problems that I was experiencing such as waking up at the exact same time every morning and an inability to get back to sleep, gaining *fat* weight despite working out with trainers sometimes 5 days a week, constant sweating despite being in an air conditioned building, high blood pressure and a constant bloated feeling especially after eating-to name a few. Like many, I accepted that as you get older things change. I am pleased to say that all these symptoms of a bigger problem have stopped. I have also lost a total of 40lbs since starting the program. This program/clinic/doctors will really enable you to appreciate that old adage, “you are what you eat”. Understand that this is not a quick fix program. Holistic practitioners are going to begin with clearing the gut, so there is a harmless detox each patient undergoes. It is for this reason that most immediately notice results. While you will feel improvement in your condition in just days, it has taken quite some time to get your body in the current state. And the current state is predominantly due to what you have been eating. It is probably because your body is not as young as it use to be that is cannot continue to manage under the stress. However, age and ailments do not have to be mutually inclusive.

*Change the way you eat and change your life!*

What I appreciated most was that the seminar was not a ‘hard sell’ like some presentations you go to where you feel like you need to make a break for the door before you are hoodwinked into purchasing something. It was simply an informative presentation; this is what we offer at this clinic. If you are interested you can make an appointment. Just that simple. There were no staff seemingly positioned there to make you feel uncomfortable about leaving. No one has your name or contact information to contact you a few days later to convince you that you should have signed up and that you should feel fortunate to be offered another opportunity. If nothing less, just check out the *free Saturday* seminars that the clinic offers. While some explanations of ailments may not apply to you, eat the meat and throw away the bone! – you will find the information very useful and insightful.


L D Seymour-Locust Grove, GA