Mental and Physical Exhaustion*Constant Cravings*Poor Sleep Issues

I came to Multi-Care Holistic Health Center because I was tired-physically and mentally,  and tired of being treated in pieces, tired of doctors doing tests and saying that everything is normal, or this number is high/low so take this pill, treating me for something that might be a problem 20 years from now and shrugging off the things that I see as problems right now.

I was first impressed because everyone at the Center really listened to me.  I was a bit skeptical because the exam was so unusual, but everything they said made sense. Then later the test results confirmed exactly what Dr. Johnson and Dr. Dave had told me.

I started the program in mid December, just in time for the holidays. I had been a chocoholic, was always hungry and rarely had a good night’s sleep. I began to feel better very quickly. I was amazed to find that on the program I was never hungry, and never craved anything. I am sleeping better, my energy is building everyday and I am happier. With every visit I learn more about why I am the way I am and what I can do to improve my overall health. Just understanding makes things so much better.


Thank you Multi-Care