My name is Robert Wilson and I learned about the HCG diet when my wife invited me to come and go with her to a workshop at Multi-Care Holistic Health Center.  I was amazed with the information that I received about the HCG diet.  At first I wasn’t sure about this diet because I was thinking, ok this diet is made for women because I am the only guy here at the workshop, but I was wrong.  After hearing this diet is for women and men I looked at my wife and said, “this is the diet we have been looking for”.

I started going to Multi-Care Holistic Health for help to get my weight and cholesterol under control.  My cholesterol was over 300 and I was also boarder line diabetic.  My first week on the HCG I could not believe the results I saw in just a week.  My body was really going through some changes and I was feeling a lot better.  I mean the weight was coming off fast and also the inches.  What I really like about this diet is that I was able to watch my weight drop from 246 lbs to 203 lbs and from size 45 pants to a size 33. I was so amazed to see my cholesterol drop to 205 and I am boarder line diabetic free.

I have more energy and I feel great.  After 3 ½ months now I can look in the mirror and have confidence in myself and my body.  This diet has really taught me how to eat healthy and stay healthy.  Taking the supplements have really helped me with my craving and knowing how my body reacts to certain foods was very helpful and has thought me how to develop a better eating habit.

I have been able to share my success with my co-workers and friends with the help of Multi-Care.  I am so glad I made the right decision to better my health.  I especially want to thank Multi-Care staff for coaching me and believing in me.

Thanks Multi-Care and Staff!


Robert Wilson