Weight Gain, High Blood Pressure and Low Energy


When people ask me how I found out about Multi-Care Holistic Health Center, I truthfully tell them that Jesus sent me here! I had struggled for about eight years with what I thought was a thyroid disorder, gaining weight, feeling lethargic, losing hair and other disheartening symptoms. Medical doctors had tested my thyroid levels more than once, only to tell me that my thyroid was normal. I would go through periods of exercise, diet and limitation only to lose five pounds that I would quickly regain.

Finally, I began regular exercise, losing 15 pounds. I thought I had a handle on it. Then I was injured in an automobile accident, and the resulting injuries left me unable to exercise, quickly gaining 20 pounds. I spent months in physical therapy. The doctor put me on blood pressure medication for pressures of 140/90 and above. The pain was a constant daily companion.  As a nurse, I knew the yo- yo weight I was experiencing

was terrible for me.  I also knew that I had become addicted to carbohydrates, and the end result of that path would be diabetes, a devastating disease process. I would find myself coming home from work, standing in front of the pantry and pulling out chips, bread, sweets, knowing it wasn’t what I needed but unable to stop myself from eating them. I felt terrible and I looked terrible.

On a mission trip with my church, the Lord let me know this needed to change. I was willing, but knew I couldn’t do it on my own. I began praying that I could find the right help. It didn’t happen immediately, but when the answer came I knew it was the one He intended for me. My husband had cleaned up the yard and laid one of the local papers that get thrown in the neighborhood on the kitchen counter.  I was cleaning the kitchen, getting ready to throw it out, the article from Multi-Care Holistic Health Center caught my eye. I read it several times and then I went to the website and began reading. It was as if I had written the list of symptoms myself! I scheduled the consultation appointment.

I have been with Multi-Care Holistic Health Center for just over three months. I have lost 25 pounds! I’ve gone from a size 16 to a size 10! I’m off of my blood pressure medication (with my Doctors blessing) and running blood pressures of 110/60! Those are great, but more importantly, I found a group of people that believe like I do …that God created our bodies to function in a certain way, and if we help them get to their best health, they will work as they were created to do! I am no longer suffering with carbohydrate addiction. I eat great foods all day long. I feel better than I have in years!

Yesterday, I was with my three newest grandchildren, ages 21 months, 20 months and 2 months. We had lunch together and then played outside for over an hour, running around. I was picking them up and playing with them and I didn’t get tired! That is one of the greatest benefits of being on this program…feeling good enough, having energy enough to be with the people I love.

The staff at Multi-Care Holistic Health Center is great! From Dr. Tom’s great explanations, to Dr. Dave’s smiling face and regular  encouragement, to Gina’s great recipes, to the enthusiastic voices that remind me on the phone of upcoming appointments and welcome me each time I step through the front door, I feel like I am visiting friends,  not going to the doctors office.

Everyone has noticed the changes in me! They all want to know the “trick” and “how hard “it is. It’s no trick. It a great plan of individualized care that helps me be the “Best   Me”   I can be! And while the initial detox was no picnic, I can look at the big picture and say I am on my way to the best health in my life, so it’s worth the occasional; struggle.

Thank God for his leading me to Multi-Care Holistic Health Center and for the great people he is using there to change my life in such positive ways.


Vicki Parker, RN

Monroe, GA