My name is William Amerson, and I am the father of five children.  I found out about Multi-Care Holistic Health Center when my wife showed me a newspaper flyer which came in the mail.  I was skeptical about following through when my wife first told me about the free seminar that explained what the clinic had to offer, but I decided to attend because my health was in shambles.

I have become a regular fixture at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital (VA) and was prescribed so many different medications for so many different health problems including high blood pressure and migraine headaches to just name a few.  I also suffered with severe sleep apnea and obesity.

I knew that in addition to my prayer, I had to do something about my health and I had to do it quickly if I were to live a long, happy, healthy, and productive life.  So I gave Multi-Care a try.  When I first weighed I was 263 lbs, and in less than two months I have lost 43 lbs!  I am still continuing to lose weight every week!

I have gotten so many compliments at church too.  In addition, I no longer have the need for the various medicines that my doctors have prescribed and I have more energy than I had ever imagined.  I sleep better now and the migraine headaches are totally gone.  Life is so much better for me, I thank the Lord for Multi-Care and its caring staff.

William Amerson
Stockbridge, GA