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Female Hormone Testing

Test hormone levelsWe are all very aware of what life is like when your hormones are “out of whack.” For most females, this is all too real.  Often times a traditional blood test shows hormones to be in normal range, however your symptoms may be horrific. A salivary hormone profile usually finds the problem that the blood test may not reveal.  It is very comprehensive test and has been life-changing for many of our female patients.


How is the Test Done?

The female hormone profile is done by checking the hormone levels in your saliva. This test is done in the comfort of your own home. You will do a saliva sample every other day for about 28 days from the beginning of one cycle to the beginning of the next cycle*. This gives a FULL picture of what is happening with the female hormones and it helps us understand what to do naturally to support the body’s ability manufacture and balance the female hormones.

*Post-menopausal female hormone testing only requires 1-2 samples

Who Should Receive This Test?

Female patients with:

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