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Laboratory and Diagnostic Testing

Traditional and holistic labs and diagnosticsWhen it comes to lab testing, every patient is unique.  Lab tests look at many different things, and there are literally hundreds and hundreds of different types of blood and urine tests performed in healthcare.

Our office uses traditional lab testing as well as more comprehensive lab testing when traditional testing does not provide the answers.  Also, we offer holistic lab testing which provides information not seen on traditional blood work.

We perform the majority of lab tests done by traditional physicians, including tests to detect blood sugar concerns like diabetes or pre-diabetes, thyroid testing, anemia, liver function, kidney function, vitamin testing, hormonal testing, and many more.

Additionally, we perform in-office diagnostic testing such as diagnostic ultrasounds, EKG’s, echocardiograms, and non-invasive vascular studies.  Vascular studies (which are done topically and are painless) detect any abnormalities inside your blood vessels, such as plaque buildup or hardening of the arteries.  These tests can detect pathology years before any symptoms even develop and possibly prevent a heart attack or stroke.

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